Part-time (distance learning) programmes/courses

Application Period & Important Date

Term 2020 Summer term
Term Start Date 8 June 2020
Application Period

Re-registration for the 2020 Summer term is closed.

Application for the 2020 Autumn term will begin on 15 June 2020. Details will be announced shortly.

Admission Requirements

The OUHK does not have any academic entry requirements for most of its part-time (distance learning) first degree programmes. Admission is open to anyone in Hong Kong over the age of 17.

You should note, however, that some of the OUHK programmes, especially those in the areas of education and nursing, are designed for people already holding certain qualifications. Besides, each programme in postgraduate level stipulates its own programme-specific entry requirements (see entry requirements of the programmes here).

The 2020 Summer term is open for continuing students only. New students can apply for admission in the 2020 Autumn term.


Application Fee HK$ 300
  • Application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another term or another use.
  • The application fee is applicable to new students (except students who have studied at the University before or LiPACE higher diploma graduates), or new/ continuing students applying for programmes with specific entry requirements (except graduates of the University or LiPACE higher diploma).
Course fee Please refer to this page for course fee

Payment Methods

Course fees and the application fee (if applicable) payment could be made by the following methods:


Credit Card




PPS (Online instant payment)


Tuition Fees Payment by
Installment offered by CMB Wing Lung Bank


Make payment at a bank


1 Not applicable to application fee. Applicants are required to settle the application fee first by credit card or PPS (Online instant payment).
2 Only applicable to holders of valid OUHK Mastercard.
3 Debit note will be sent to you by post within 10 working days, please pay tuition fee before the stipulated deadline. Besides, the University will only reserve for you a place in the course but not the specific class section. Specific class section will only be assigned to you upon receiving payment from your bank. If there is no place left in the class section that you choose, you will be allocated in a different class section.
4 Only applicable to applications submitted on or before 16 April 2020.

Apply Now

Step 1. Select your programme and course

  1. Select your programme (See the programmes on offer here)
  2. Select the course under your selected programme
  3. Ensure the course will be offered in this coming term
  1. Check your Programme Regulations to ensure the course meets the requirements of the programme you intend to graduate (See Programme Regulations here)
  2. Select the course under your programme (See the courses on offer here)

Step 2. Prepare your documents

You are required to upload the following documents to our online application system, please have such documents ready at hand.

  • Additional supporting documents for the programme with entry requirement:
    • The completed "Admissions Supplementary Form for Programmes with Specific Entry Requirements";
    • A copy of academic transcript(s) with examination results;
    • A copy of certificate(s) to prove that you have fulfilled the entry requirements;
    • Additional document(s) to prove that you have fulfilled the entry requirements, e.g. proof of working experience as required for certain programme(s).

Step 3. Start your application

  1. Applications and registrations will normally be processed on a rolling basis. Once the quota is exhausted, further applications will not be accepted.
  2. To comply with the requirements of the HKSAR Government's Office of the CEF, the University will not offer any tuition fee discounts or reduction to students applying for 'CEF reimbursable courses'.
  3. OUHK does not forbid its students to study in another institution at the same time (except for non-local applicants whose student visa is sponsored by the OUHK). However, you should check with your current institution if it has any restriction on 'double registration'.
  4. Persons living overseas are welcome to pursue studies at OUHK through distance learning. Please read FAQ before submitting applications.
  5. Please refer to OUHK website for the latest programme information. The University reserves the right to make any necessary changes or cancel a programme/course/class if there is an insufficient number of enrollments. In every case, the University will make every effort to minimize the inconvenience caused and will give notice to the affected students of any such changes as early as possible.
  6. Starting from 2017 Autumn term, students studying in the part-time (distance learning) mode may also choose to take certain courses in face-to-face mode. You can contact our Admissions & Enrolment Office (Part-time & Postgraduate) of the Registry for details.

The Enhancement Measures for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) has been implemented on 1 April 2019. According to the Enhancement Measures, persons who attend CEF reimbursable course(s) are required to submit “Consent for CEF Course Participant upon Enrolment (Consent Form)” to the Course Provider before attending the course(s). Otherwise, the Office of CEF would be unable to process the application for fees reimbursement.

CEF course participants irrespective of whether they will apply for fee reimbursement are required to submit the Consent Form in person or by mail to the Admissions & Enrolment Office (Part-time & Postgraduate) of the Registry. (Click HERE to download the Form)

For more details about CEF, please visit CEF website:

Apply ONLINE to select programme, course(s), class section and make payment.

Apply Online (With OUHK Student ID)

Please note that 2020 Summer term for Part-time (distance learning) courses will commence on 8 June 2020. The University is closely monitoring the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 and has decided that online learning will continue to be adopted for courses offered in Summer term (except practicum). You may wish to pay attention to these arrangements in planning your studies in Summer term.

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