Planning your study
Entry requirements

The OUHK does not have any academic entry requirements for most of its part-time (distance learning) first degree programmes. Admission is open to anyone in Hong Kong over the age of 17. For students who are in confinement (local) or students with special education needs, please click here.

You should note, however, that some OUHK programmes, especially those in the areas of education and nursing, are designed for people already holding certain qualifications. Besides, each programme in postgraduate level stipulates its own programme-specific entry requirements. For details, please click here.

Flexible credit system

The OUHK uses a flexible credit system. Most OUHK courses have values of 5, 10 or 20 credits. In general, five-credit courses occupy one term of study (approximately 16 study weeks) while 10- or 20-credit courses occupy two terms (approximately 36 study weeks).

Registration value

You should be aware that each OUHK course carries a registration value that is different from its credit value. Registration value is used to indicate a student’s study load per term. A total registration value of 20 is about the normal load for a full-time student.

Registration value = credit value ÷ no. of terms it takes to complete the course

Students entering for the first time can normally register for courses with a total maximum registration value of 15.

Advanced standing / credit transfer

One important thing to remember when you apply for your first OUHK course is that you may be able to get credit for your previous studies. Credit exemption — known as advanced standing at the OUHK — is available for many students who have completed tertiary level studies elsewhere. These transferred credits can count towards the requirements for most OUHK qualifications. If you have transferable credits from other educational institutions, you may be able to considerably shorten the time you need to complete your OUHK programme.

The University has also set up entry pathways for various Bachelor’s Degree programmes and Master’s Degree programmes. The programme credit requirements are reduced for students admitted via entry pathways; in other words, students are given an exemption without the need to go through the advanced standing process. However, students must satisfy the entry requirements specified for admission to the pathway programmes. Holders of relevant qualifications are advised to apply for admission via these pathways if they satisfy the entry requirements. For details, please click here.

The OUHK Registry’s Advanced Standing & Graduation Office (Tel: 2768 6624) can provide more information. You can also click here for more details on the types of credit transfer available and how to apply for advanced standing.


Modified Date: Sep 25, 2020