Levels of OUHK courses

OUHK courses are offered at different levels:

  • Pre-foundation and Foundation level (Pre-foundation course codes start with ‘0’ and Foundation course codes start with ‘1’, .e.g., ENGL E070 or ENGL A101)
    Pre-foundation courses may be counted towards sub-degree or Associate degree programmes, but not towards degrees. Foundation courses are entry-level courses for degree programmes, and are excellent starting points if you lack tertiary education experience or specific subject knowledge.

    Some courses have no credit value attached to them. The course code of these courses also starts with ‘0’.

  • Middle level (course codes starting with ‘2’)
    Some of these courses have advisory prerequisites (other courses that you are strongly recommended to take first).
  • Higher level (course codes starting with ‘3’ or ‘4’)
     These courses usually have advisory prerequisites.
  • Postgraduate level (course codes starting with ‘8’ or ‘9’)
    These are Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s or Doctoral courses. These courses may not be counted towards degree programmes.

In general, we advise that new students choose a course or courses at the Pre-foundation, Foundation or Middle level that are listed for their programme.

Sometimes two different courses contain such a high proportion of common materials that they form an excluded combination. You should not take courses that form an excluded combination, as only one of them can count towards a single award. For details, please click here.


Modified Date: Apr 30, 2019