What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a flexible mode of study which allows learners to study at their own pace, and to study whenever and wherever they want. Much of the teaching and learning is achieved by means of course packages that contain specially structured learning materials, supplemented by face-to-face tutorials held in the evenings or at weekends.

Distance learning at OUHK

Below are some key features of distance learning at OUHK:

  • High-quality learning materials. The OUHK's course materials are written by highly qualified local and international subject experts. The course contents are available in both print and online formats, supplemented by interactive materials.

  • Interaction with tutors and other students. Students have plenty of opportunities to check their understanding and discuss course content with others.

  • Flexibility. Distance learning is a great option for working adults who have busy work schedules and no time to attend regular classes. There are a few deadlines during a course (e.g., assignments to be sent to the tutor by a certain date). Other than that, students control the pace of their study.

  • Open entry. Anyone 17 years of age or above can apply – and most programmes do not have any entry requirements.

  • Recognition. The OUHK is fully accredited and the programmes offered are recognized both locally and overseas.

  • Support. Learners are given every kind of support they need to succeed in their studies.

Academic support

Students receive support from both tutors and Course Coordinators.

  • Tutors conduct regular tutorials and provide feedback on all assignments to help guide students' learning.

  • Course Coordinators are OUHK's academic subject experts. They are available to provide assistance to students when necessary.

Online support
  • The Online Learning Environment provides online support for courses and is where students and tutors hold online discussions.

  • The Electronic Library and the Student Email System help students research and study effectively off-campus.

Modified Date: Jun 04, 2018