About the MACF Programme
This programme will enable students to build the advanced skills and knowledge leading towards a professional qualification with an integrated, global approach. Students will concurrently enroll and prepare for the CPA Program subject examinations of CPA Australia in Hong Kong.
Combining practical experience with the global business and accounting knowledge acquired in MACF, graduates will be more desirable in taking up professional and managerial positions that require a broader outlook in the workplace.
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Programme Intended Learning Outcomes
  1. Apply globally transferrable skills in preparing financial statements and providing relevant accounting information for planning, control and decision-making.
  2. Analyse events, apply relevant tax legislation, and provide strategic advice to stakeholders regarding tax issues.
  3. Critically evaluate the role of auditing practices, design auditing process and apply auditing standards to the assessment of fraud and going concern.
  4. Critically review and apply strategy and corporate governance concepts through the use of real-world examples and business case scenarios.
  5. Exercise appropriate accounting judgments with a thorough understanding of the current development in business related disciplines, both locally and globally.

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