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Alumni Sharing


I have always believed that university students are privileged with ample freedom and time to fully develop themselves. However, such privilege might not be nicely utilized if their beliefs and goals are not in place.

Fortunately, the BBA programme in Professional Accounting at OUHK equipped me with not only the academic knowledge, but also the mentality needed to excel in my future career. Through various project works, competitions, and internship opportunities, I am proud to say that I have gained invaluable experiences and confidence for my personal development – most importantly, to identify a clear career goal in auditing field. Throughout my study, the University has always provided a friendly and supportive learning environment to me. I enjoy the heartfelt discussions with the helpful professors and tutors, whom not only solve the questions I encountered in different courses, but also truly care about my personal growth and future career path.

After graduation, I will be embracing my career life in PwC, one of the Big4 accounting firms in Hong Kong, to pursue my goal of being a certified public accountant (CPA) in the auditing field. I am excited and thankful in turning what I acquired and developed during my university life into future career achievements. I sincerely wish my fellow OUHK students every success in finding their beliefs and goals during their privileged university life

Tom Chau Chun


Graduate of BBA (Hons) in Professional Accounting





Three years ago, I was a freshman to OUHK. Similar to all of you now, I was excited yet nervous to start my challenging university life. Luckily, I met a group of friendly schoolmates and became friends with them very quickly. Throughout my study, we worked as closely as ally members to fight for all challenging assignments.

To me, OUHK is a highly sophisticated university which can take care of students’ academic and personal development needs. Professors and tutors at OUHK are enthusiastic in teaching and willing to build close relationship with me. Not only did they provide academic guidance patiently, they also shared valuable personal experience with me. These improved my academic performance, optimized my learning experience and helped me get prepared for my future career.

At the same time, OUHK provided a lot of resources which are available to those who would like to access to them. In my university life, I was encouraged to join different competitions and received much support and guidance from teachers. By joining these competitions, I have built my confidence to compete with students from other universities, both before and after graduation. With the overwhelming support from professors, tutors and schoolmates, I achieved good academic results and was invited to join the “A-team Development Program”. Under this program, I received many precious opportunities to participate in various activities such as summer internship programmes, study tours and workshops, which greatly broadened my horizons outside the classroom.

Studying in OUHK is a surprising and memorable experience to me. It is much more enjoyable than my expectation. Good luck to all the freshmen and wish all of you a fruitful and happy school life!

Charlene Chan Kai Sze

Graduate of BBA in Marketing



三年的大學生活說來不算長,但也不算短。還記得三年前,我登入OU的電郵系統看見一封招募「A-team」的信件。那時候,A-team這個名詞在OU首次出現,師兄師姐都不知道這是個怎麼樣的組織,但當我從電郵看到學校即將為A-team 預備的一系列活動,便覺得非常吸引。因此,得悉我的朋友也有意參加後,我就決定「跟大隊」一起報名加入。就這樣,我便成為了第一批A-team同學了。


縱使成為A-team 成員後遇到不少突如其來的挑戰和困難 (例如與其他同學完成計劃書,並要實行出來),但是這些挑戰令我和其他A-team的成員變得更成熟、更冷靜、更懂得應變。三年時間雖然過去了,但是A-team的精神、每一位A-team同學的臉孔,以及從活動中學到的知識卻永遠在我腦海中揮之不去。






Over the past four years, OUHK provided me a lot of valuable opportunities which are out of my expectation. With the support of the university, I took part in several study tours and competitions which enriched both my academic and non-academic experience. Let me share some of my experience with you all.

Joining the “Business English Learning and Cultural Awareness Development Programme” in Australia is the most valuable experience to me. After completing a series of professional business English courses, my English proficiency has been improved significantly. Moreover, the social activities and cultural visits in Australia also offered me a great chance to experience diversified living cultures and liaise with people of different backgrounds.

All of the above experience has equipped me to become a more confident and capable graduate. After studying in the OUHK, I will further pursue my master degree in Human Resources Management at Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II France, as referred by my teachers in OUHK. The programme commences in September 2015 and I am really excited to open my eyes to explore the world! As an OUHK graduate, I highly recommend you to actively join the school activities and grasp every opportunity to enrich your university life.

Joel Tong Cho Yi


(Graduate of BBA (Hons) in Management)





Thank you OUHK for your companion during these four years.

Please look at the modern and neat crest of OUHK. It refers to the sun and the moon, lighting up the way to universal value. It means education for all, open for all. It presents in green and blue for the vision conveying to new generation

Here, we are learning to develop critical thinking skills, learning to be independent, learning to have love and wisdom by our hearts.

Here, we are encouraged to create our own future. Accompanying with knowledge, we found the way, but also the creases by their canthi. Look at our teachers, I feel grateful from heart.

Here, we are ready to bring our spirit to the next generation, to live up to higher level of civil and juridical community, and contribute ourselves to universal value.

OUHK has been providing excellent quality of higher education. The degree programmes are recognized by the HKSAR Government. The campus size is not huge, but OUHK offers a warm learning environment to delight students. Teachers always say hello to me, surround me with passion and empower me to study harder.

Here is a young university full of love.

Thank you, my home. I will bring your love with me along my life journey.

Tom Chau Chun


Graduate of BBA in Accounting





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