About the Programme
This programme aims to provide practical knowledge and skills for those who wish to pursue or further advance their careers as corporate administrators and company secretaries. It is also designed to develop students into well-rounded corporate leaders who excel in effective planning and implementation of corporate policies and strategies, while ensuring compliance to a good standard of corporate governance.
On successful completion of the programme, students should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical, practical, comparative and international dimensions of corporate administration and company secretarial practices in changing business and regulatory contexts, evaluate the various theories underpinning good corporate governance, and to offer financial and legal advice on the conduct of business.
Programme Intended Learning Outcomes
  1. Critically analyze and apply the concepts of business and professional integrity in a broad range of company secretarial practices, including the area of professional ethics;
  2. Appraise and exercise appropriate judgement to resolve governance and compliance problems in relation to business and non-business corporations.
  3. Apply the concepts, legal principles including compliance of internal and external regulations, and the best practices for efficient and effective corporate governance;   
  4. Communicate effectively as a business executive with people from diverse backgrounds in the context of corporate governance.

Modified Date: Jul 08, 2020