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    Subsidy Scheme for International Internship 2021

    Subsidy Scheme for International Internship 2021


    A subsidy scheme named “Subsidy Scheme for International Internship (SSII)” has been approved by the management of the University to provide sponsorship to our students who have successfully landed an international internship. If you are going to join an offshore internship in academic year 2020/21, please check if you are eligible to apply for the Scheme.
    The establishment of the Scheme:
    • to encourage students to have internship offshore to gain working experience which can enhance their competitiveness and employability;
    • to enable students to immerse in different culture and environment to enhance their global outlook; and
    • to hone students’ communication skills and soft skills related to workplace.
    Value of Subsidy
    • HK$5,000 – HK$20,000 each, depending on destination and availability of remuneration/sponsorship, to an awardee who has successfully landed an offshore internship which is recognized by the OUHK.
    The applicant should:
    • be a full-time undergraduate student of the OUHK;
    • be offered an offshore internship in the academic year 2020-2021 (Sep 2020 – Aug 2021) and the duration of the internship should not be less than 4 weeks;
    • obtain an average GPA not lower than 2.0; and
    • not be suspended, on disciplinary hearing, or on academic probation.
    Important Note
    • Student can only be awarded this Scheme once throughout his/her studies in the OUHK; 
    • Priority will be given to those who have landed offshore internships relevant to students’ study programmes and/or career goals;
    • Priority will be given to internship programmes which organized/ recognized by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) (please refer to the programme list below), and self-solicited opportunities will have to seek recognition by SAO/ School first;
    • For internship opportunities in Mainland China, priority will be given to internship programmes which are not sponsored by the Youth Development Commission (青年發展委員會) under the Funding Scheme for Youth Internship in the Mainland and are not stipulated by study programme requirement (e.g. credit-bearing internship, practicum, placement, etc.);
    • Priority will be given to Career Success Scheme (CSS) members who have gone through substantial pre-placement training;
    • Awardees of this Scheme may also apply for other subsidies from funding sources outside the OUHK e.g. Reaching Out Award (ROA) in the same year; and
    • The awardees of the David Chan Outbound Internship Award in academic year 2020/21 are not eligible to apply for this Scheme.
    • For your own safety, students should avoid scheduling your internship in a city/ country with significant/ severe threat. If your internship place is identified with significant/ severe threat by the Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) System of Security Bureau [Webpage], your application for SSII may not be approved by the Scheme Panel.
    Obligation of the Awardees
    • Each awardee must complete the internship with satisfactory performance and provide a proof of completion of the internship (e.g. job reference letter from employer/ host organization with company letter head). In the meantime, your host organization will be invited to complete a post-internship evaluation;
    • Each awardee must also submit the following documents to SAO by 30 September 2021:
      • a reflective journal (no less than 500 words either in Chinese or English) OR submit a one-minute video relevant to your internship experience (in DVD or with a hyperlink for downloading); and
      • at least 5 high resolution photos (no less than 1MB file size each) relevant to your internship experience and your portrait should be seen
      • complete the student post-internship evaluation required (normally sent by email in Sep 2021).
    • If you have completed the above tasks and the documents have been verified by SAO, the subsidy will be given to the awardee 2 months after the submission deadline. Please also note that your internship stories may be published electronically or otherwise.
    Scheme Calendar
    Date Event
    Oct 2020 to Apr 2021 Recognized Offshore Internship Programme Promotion and Application
    Apr to May 2021 Application Period for SSII
    May 2021 Selection and Nomination
    By mid-Jul 2021 Results Announcement
    By 30 Sep 2021 Deadline of Required Documents Submission
    Sep to Dec 2021 Internship Experience Sharing Sessions and Marketing Events
    By the end of Dec 2021 Payment to Verified Awardees
    Application Method
    Please submit the following documents via your OUHK email to career@ouhk.edu.hk. Please note that applications put in the Collection Box will not be accepted. (Application deadline to be announced)
    • Completed application form; and
    • A budget plan of the trip
    Applications that are incomplete, late or have not accompanied by the required document(s) will not be processed further.
    The results will be announced by mid-June 2021. Those who do not receive any news from our office by late June 2021 may assume that your application is not successful.
    Offshore Internship Programme Recognized/ Organized by SAO
    The list will be updated from time to time. Further details of the programmes and related on-campus information session will be released in due course.

    Hosting Organization Name of Programme
    AIESEC Hong Kong Global Volunteer & Global Talent Program [Website]
    Bloom of Youth Co., Limited
    The Bloom of Youth Global Internship Program [Website]
    FUSIA Communications Inc.
    Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) [Website]
    Go Abroad USA Go Abroad USA Summer Work & Travel Program & USA Short Term Enrichment Program [Website]
    iEnrichment iEnrichment International Internship & Cultural Experiential Programme in Spain/ Russia/ Turkey [Website]
    Intrinsic Work and Travel USA Program [Website]
    Next Step Connections Global Internship Program [Website]
    Student Affairs Office, OUHK
    YIC x OU Vietnam Internship Program [Details]
    The Intern Group The Intern Group International Internship Opportunities [Details]
    WEDO GLOBAL Ltd. [South Korea] Unique Internship Experience in Social Enterprises: WEDO GLOBAL Summer Internship Program [Details]
    WONE Internship Global Internship Program
    (Only Barcelona’s program is recognized) [Website]

    Maintained by: Student Affairs Office( sao@ouhk.edu.hk )
    Modified Date: Sep 22, 2020

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